Econ 340

Project 1

My Recommendation:


I recommend that the CSUCI Drama department produce and present the play Good People. Both plays are wonderful and entertaining  but I believe Good People is a better example of how people behave when presented with modern day economic problems.


A quick breakdown of the plays:



Good People and Detroit were both born from hard economic times, but they are presented from very different perspectives. Good people shows that the lines between good people and fortunate people are often wide and hazy and that society often affiliates the financially stable with being of better moral character. Detroit tries to express that the “American dream” we are all taught to chase and admire may be out of reach but that should not stop us from pursuing alternative dreams that would make us just as happy. Both of these plays have interesting social interactions incurred by financial hardship and provide us a unique opportunity to peek into the lives of people who have fallen on hard times.

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Impact on the students:


Good People is a play that will cater to students from a wide array of academic backgrounds. Mainly the play will link directly with students of business and economic backgrounds due to the fact the plays themselves were born from economic turmoil. Political Science majors or any student in POLS 330 – Political Sociology, which studies the roles of social classes, movements, and institutions in shaping the political process and social influences, will find it a useful insight of how people’s’ choices are molded by the economic temperature. Sociology students will also find the play enriching for the same reason. Psychology students in PSY 346 – Human Motivation and PSY 429 – Inter-group Relations will find the play especially insightful due to the play focusing in interpersonal relationships between people of different economic and social classes.

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Attracting viewers:


Getting people to attend an event is a chore in itself. Apathy is rampant in our society and if its not blasted over several type of media it will not get through to entire student body and community. To encourage the most amount to people we would need teachers and faculty to announce the production in their classrooms and through their email lists. With enough saturation no student can claim ignorance as a reason to not go. Placing posters and flyers in common areas is also a sound strategy in promoting a good turnout.

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  1. Ania Ciesiul

    * I like that you changed the titles in each section, “A quick breakdown” very creative
    * I like your use of images and quotes from “Good People”
    – I wish you elaborated more on “sound the horn”

  2. Christian Estebes

    I like the way the titles are bold and in larger lettering.

    The use of pictures increases the appeal for the page

    Sound the Horn Title isn’t very clear to me on what exactly it will describe.

  3. Darren Francisco

    *The intro paragraphs are giving the main points for each section which is great.
    *I like the way you relate the play with other classes/courses in different fields such as history, psychology and political science.
    -I wish you put more images to make the page more attractive.

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